How to be a successful real estate “salespreneur?”

Photo: Established in July 2006 by real estate entrepreneur Gabriel “Billy” Dominguez, Green Circle Realty is guided by its two-pronged mission: To help the middle-and-above-middle-income earners acquire affordable quality homes for their families; and to provide a decent income opportunity to enterprising individuals wanting to upgrade their lifestyles.

Real estate selling today has evolved into an opportunity-based business venture that allows many aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs to be part of a financially rewarding industry.

Green Circle Realty President and Master Salespreneur Gabriel “Billy” Dominguez who’s behind some of today’s top-earning real estate salespreneurs shares these valuable tips on how to ensure your “quick start” and “big success” in the real estate selling business:

1) Find the right real estate project.

Among the key selling points of any real estate project is its location, accessibility, features or amenities and affordability. It should also be a project under a trusted developer with a good reputation that is as easy to sell as its housing projects. Selling for developers with a long-term commitment to providing affordable but quality homes guarantees consistent and bigger income opportunities to sales agents who want to go full-time in real estate selling.

2) Know your target market.

Selling is like a “matching game.” The moment you have your product, you simply match it to a suitable prospect or buyer. It becomes easy if you can identify your primary target market. Recent surveys revealed that that here has been a growing demand for affordable or medium-cost housing fueled by the expanding business-process outsourcing industry, and the steady OFW market banking on real estate investment. If your housing inventory matches this market segment, you can look forward to a flourishing career in realty selling.

3) Join a training-oriented marketing company, or get a good mentor to guide you.

While you need a license to sell homes, you will also need continuous learning and proper guidance in order to adapt to the ever changing landscape of real estate selling. From having the right mindset to learning sales techniques, your mentor should be able to help you become a well-rounded “sales-preneur”. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in the real estate industry, it is also an edge to join an established marketing company that invests on training and development programs through regular sales activities and seminars.

Green Circle Realty President and Master Salespreneur Gabriel “Billy” Dominguez

4) Learn the right skills.

Real estate selling has a step by step sales process which should be mastered by any aspiring real estate “salespreneur”. This process includes proper prospecting, qualifying, briefing and tripping of clients which can lead to successful closing of sales. This requires being a good communicator who could clearly and professionally relay details and information to prospective homebuyers.

Listening is another skill that every real estate salespreneur must develop. It is through emphatic listening that a salesperson can effectively serve the needs of his buyers. Real estate selling today also brought the competition in the digital world or in the internet. Sellers today have become more social media savvy in order to reach out to more clients and homebuyers in massive scale & faster pace.

5) Possess a positive attitude.

Securing a license and learning the skills do not guarantee a long and successful career in real estate selling. It is a profession that constantly deals with many challenges stemming from client-related concerns, and the fierce competition among sellers. In most cases, having a positive attitude can be an even more empowering tool as it inspires conscious efforts to stay focused and motivated amidst any challenges.

Industry experts also agree that a successful career likewise depends on a person’s “adversity quotient” (AQ) or his ability to handle challenges and recover from setbacks.

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