Consul General Cortes lauds PPIE

DUBAI: Consul General Paul Raymund Corters has lauded New Perspective Media, organizers of the Philippine Property and Investment Exhibition (PPIE), saying the annual event “is an effective tool to entice overseas Filipinos to look into property investment as a measure of their resolve to utilize their financial resources in a sustainable manner.”

“For over four decades now, many Filipinos have looked overseas to fulfill their professional aspirations and realize their financial ambitions. Numerous stories, however, come to fore that highlight the slack in strategizing and planning of the Filipino especially when it comes to their finances, retirement, social security blankets and future,” said Cortes.

He said property and real estate development in various parts of the Philippines have become viable investment options for many global Filipinos. Many have put in much of their stakes into townhomes, condominiums units and other real properties as trophies for spending their more productive years outside the country, he said.

“These investments are fruits of time spent away from their families and of countless hours spent being contributive standards of other economies and societies. We hope that our overseas communities understand all the more what it takes to efficiently make use of all that they have gained from their experiences abroad and that they take into serious consideration investments commensurate to what they already have,” Cortes said.

Happening this Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27, 2019 at JW Marriott Hotel Deira, PPIE, now on its seventh edition, brings together all major and trusted developers from the Philippines under one roof.

The previous editions of PPIE made a history in the UAE and in the region by bringing in more than 21,000 quality visitors.

This event has been continuously attended by the leading most reputable property developers; banks; insurance companies; government-backed financial, investment & savings institutions; money remittance centers; and service providers.

Source: The Filipino Times