Why target the Filipinos?

  • 3rd largest community in the UAE (approx. 10% of UAE population)
  • 1 million population (est.)
  • One of the top spenders in the UAE
  • New trend: 60%-70% are professionals and/or highly skilled executives who have the purchasing power
  • Filipinos in the UAE are the top 3 remitters in the world
  • Travels 1 to 2 times on average per year

Why target the UAE residents/expats?

  • One of the world’s top 10 wealthiest nations
  • Home to more than 200 nationalities with appetite for international investment
  • UAE residents/expats are one of the richest per capita in the world
  • UAE is the happiest country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)*
  • Dubai is ranked #1 for standard of living and ahead of London and New York**

Who should exhibit?

Property Developers:

PPIE 2017 offers you a chance to promote and sell your projects directly to the financially sound Filipino and foreign investors who will be personally invited to this professional event.

International Real Estate Agents:

This event provides you a golden opportunity to promote your firm and sell your offerings directly to prospective buyers by meeting them personally in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

Banks / Financial Firms:

Filipino property buyers usually get mortgage facilities and this is the perfect opportunity to engage with their needs.

National Tourism Boards:

Various provinces and cities can set-up their booths at PPIE 2017 to showcase their areas to property buyers. This will help bring in investments to their region.

Travel and Tourism Companies:

This is the ultimate event to promote your travel and tourism services to the Filipino community who are frequent travellers as well as top sponsors of visit visas for families and friends. Their investments in the Philippines would serve as an additional reason to travel back to their home country. Likewise, the growing population of Filipinos in the UAE are majorly composed of professionals and/or highly skilled executives having the purchasing power to travel to various holiday destinations.

Economic Zones and Free Zones:

This is a golden opportunity to promote various economic zones and free zone of the Philippines and bring in much-required investment.

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