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7 hacks to maximize your condo space

Living in condos doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your lifestyle – you just have to be smarter on how you manage your space. DotProperty Philippines lists a few items that can help condo owners, especially those who will be living on their own condo for the first...

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How to choose the right tenant for your property

If you’re planning to earn passive income for your property by renting it out, the most crucial part will be to select the tenant who’s going to live there. Online real estate platform Hoppler lists down a few tips to keep in mind to guide you to select your tenant....

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Why real estate continues to be the best investment

There might be many kinds of investments available such as bonds, stocks, investment funds, real estate, insurance, and more – but among these, real estate continues to be one of the most popular out of all three as investors can literally see the fruits of their hard...

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4 financial advantages of condo owners

Once you have decided that you’re starting your investment portfolio by buying a property, the next step is to select between a house and lot, or a condo. If you’re still in the middle of choosing between a condo or a house and lot, here are the advantages that condos...

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Why Greenfield City is ideal for business owners

With a very strategic location, Sta. Rosa, Laguna has become a city meant for growth and advancements, molding it into an ideal place for business owners to begin or expand their businesses. In an article from The Manila Bulletin, these thriving business parks and...

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