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Why Buying a Home is a big achievement for OFWs

One of the biggest purchases a person can make in his lifetime is buying a home. For Filipinos, it has always been an aspiration to be able to afford and live in your own home. It is a source of pride and accomplishment for them when they tell others that they managed...

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Park living in Greenfield City

The closest that urbanites can get to experience that refreshing, quiet and laid-back country style living in the city is in gated residences with gardens, landscaping, open spaces, mini parks and atria. Having a home with authentic nature ambience meant living in...

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Your Own Home: How to Save for a Down Payment

As one of the first steps in the home-owning process, funding your initial down payment can appear challenging considering it’s handed over in full. Generally, the higher the down payment, the less the individual must pay for the remaining amount on a month-to-month...

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